Strawberry Solstice: Long Day & Short Season; Come Pick Your Own Berries Before They’re Gone; First Donuts This Weekend.

FARM FANS, there once was a strawberry named Raspberry.  Quite confusing.  For everyone.  Get the thrilling conclusion to that epic drama in next week’s Fresh Crop Alert.

Meanwhile, another confusing story:  You can come NOW (Thursday and Friday) to beat weekenders to the strawberry patch OR come Saturday and Sunday to munch the first donuts of the year.  Possible solution:  Try both.  Thanks to Farm Fan @heather.april for the fun photo.

It’s true, donuts are starting earlier than ever before.  Why wait?  The solstice is the longest day of the year, but that means the days are already getting shorter.  So let’s start living.  Nothing says “I’m taking charge of my NOW” like a baggie of fried dough.  Nuts.  Donuts.

Another good living tip:  take your strawberries into the wilderness.  Yes, camping turns to glamping with a homebaked strawberry pie.  Find the best spots for your next outdoor adventure at, a web site by the Finger Lakes Land Trust, the conservation organization supported by individuals who love our region.  You can become a member to support their work.  We need everybody to put skin in the game.  Protecting land forever won’t happen by itself.

Prepare for a longer mountain outing with “rhuberry crisp” bars.  Thanks to @segan.milverstein who raided our berry patch in the FLX then hit the peaks of the ADK.

Or turn your berries into body-boosting smoothies.  Farmer yogi Nicole Stumpf shares her recipe on Instagram and her practice on her web siteFresh strawberries, frozen blueberries, Mylk (sunflower seeds and water), banana, honey, Maca root powder, and coconut cream.  Mmmmm.

Say hello to the Farmketeers of the Week!  This determined duo brought home the berries AND the bacon:  they are getting the U-PIC prize for best picking pics.  Thanks to Farm Fan Shira (mama) for sending this photo and the next one.  Gift certificate on the way.

“I will NOM NOM all the berries unless you get out here nowwww!”  Hope to see you at The ‘Creek

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