Pick Your Last Strawberries, First Raspberries, and Probably Donuts from the New Donut Machine; 90% Chance of Donuts, Not a Hundy.

LOYAL ‘CREEKNIKS: There once was a strawberry named Raspberry.

This was very confusing.  For everyone.  Snickering among classmates.  Jeering from the ‘real’ raspberries.  Awkward on the dating scene.  ID problems at the DMV.

And there once was a raspberry named Strawberry.  Same deal, quite the tag to be saddled with.  What were the folks thinking?  Years of needless suffering.

One day they met on 44th Street.  That midtown diner near the Cornell Club.  And it was instant.  And it was good.  And they became ONE.  It resolved a bunch of confusion and tension.  And they lived more or less happily thereafter for a pretty long time.  The End.

Yes, farm fans, it is a rare thing when strawberries and raspberries come together.  As rare as the strawberry moon.  Did you see it last night?  This might be the only weekend of the year when you can pick both berries.

But you will have to come early.  And get lucky.  There will be lots of pickers on Friday before the heat, and raspberries are ONLY JUST STARTING.  Scattered ripe ones to be found.  Should be strawberries to pick, at least on Saturday morning.

90% chance of donuts.  Just got a new (used) machine.  Trying to fire it up for the scorchiest weekend of the year.  Lemonade and tart cherry slushees to wash ’em down and cool you off.  A great (local and farm fresh) yogi once said (this morning), “It’s gonna be hot out there.  Drink more water than you’ve ever drinken, then drink more.”  Roger that, yogi.  And namaste on the grammar.  Down dog donuts = 90% ≠ 100%.

Farmer Emily is back with her greens and reds.  Find out what she’s stocking at the stand, first batch of the year.  Save the lettuce from the heat.  Take it home to eat.

Farmer Greg, who brought you the strawberry crop, also has garlic scapes.  Ripped fresh outta the garlic patch.  Get yours at the farm stand for monstrously good pesto and stirfry choppings.  Some people just eat ’em.

Undefeated!  This pint-sized strawberry hunter gets Farmketeer of the Week and the “U-Pic” photo prize.  Check your (dad’s) email inbox for the gift certificate.

Well that’s the dope for Friday, June 29, 2018.  Last chance at strawbz, first crack at raspbpsbps, high chance of donuts.  Guaranteed swelter.  Love you and hope to see you at The ‘Creek.

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