The Adults Have Had Their Chance; Time for the Kids to Take Control; Come Pick Raspberries and Garlic and Eat Donuts and Slushees.

DEAR FARMKETEERS, an old book blamed everything on a naked lady, an apple, and a serpent.

But everybody knows it was a hippo and a raspberry.  This is the Raspberry of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.  You might scream, “Get thee behind me, hippo!”  Or perhaps you will come pick raspberries.  They are awfully red and juicy.  Come hither, they seem to say.  Come yeeee hither.

The naked lady had nothing to do with it.  Eve was busy making some of the best orchard booze in America.  Next time you travel outside the Finger Lakes foodshed, take some pride with you – such as Albee Hill dry cider by Eve’s Cidery (buy it online for home shipping) – and you’ll make friends fast.  Pictured at sunset in the ‘Dacks.

Yes, the troubles began with a hippo and a raspberry – then generations of grownups did what they do.  Made more messes.  So we are ceding control to the youngsters.  Starting with pie for breakfast.  Fresh raspberry pie before you are half awake and still in your PJs.  Mandatory second servings.

Pick raspberries while they’re fresh!  Strawberry season is OVERRRR.  Don’t let raspberry season pass you by.  Look beneath the leaves for treasures that your neighbors missed.  New berries ripen with each sunny day.  Thanks to farm fan Larissa for the sweet pic of Dad and Penelope.

Raspberries make great ring pops.  Ask any kid.  Or a grownup local yogi who’s feeling kidlike.  Thanks to a ‘Creeknik named Nancy for the fresh picked pop :-)

New!  Come pick garlic!  Kids, too!  It’s pretty easy.  The sum total of evil in the world is NOT decreasing.  Stock up now to beat back vampires and colds.  And SAVE THE DATE (Saturday, July 28) for the 2nd U-Pick Garlic Harvest Party.  See the Facebook event here and invite friends.

New!  Donuts!  The new Mark II Donut Robot is running smoothly now.  Bigger donuts than last year (cherry for scale).  Saturday and Sunday 10:00 to 6:00.  Get a FREE DONUT or FREE SLUSHEE when you stick a farm sticker on your car.

U-Pic Photo of the Week & Farmketeer of the Week.  Paulina explains, “Annual strawberry picking tradition on our son’s birthday.  This year we are happy to be back at Indian Creek Farm where all those years ago I went into labor with him.  Here we are re-creating that day when I was lugging my daughter (who was 1 year old at the time) and two trays of strawberries up and down the hill.  I went into labor with my son right there on the farm, but we had time to go home, eat lunch, drop my daughter off with friends, and then head to the hospital!”  Thank you, Paulina, great story.

And now for the piéce de resistance.  The ultimate kid takeover.  Leila, age 11, one of the spirited orchard sprites at Eve’s Cidery, shines in her new role as Chief Messaging Officer of Indian Creek.  She texted us this anagram through her mama’s phone with a disclaimer:  “Don’t blame me if you lose police customers!”  But no disclaimer needed.  We think it just says this is a safe place for everyone, f-rts and all.  Plus, if everyone is eating tons of fresh garlic…  Hope to see you at The ‘Creek.

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