Prime Raspberry & Garlic Picking; Love Lessons from the Peaches; Free Garlic Harvest Party July 28; First Cukes & Summer Squash!

IS THERE SOMEONE you care for with all your being? And they care for you? And you are good for them and they are good for you? But you can’t be together right now?

It hurts.  And that’s how it will feel if you bite into one of these peaches.  It is hard as a rock.  It just isn’t ready yet.  It might look ready – more beautiful than you remember and all put together on the outside, even flashing a winning smile.  But the inside is what counts.  It will come around.  And love is patient.  DO NOT PICK THE PEACHES YET! 

Same deal with apples.  Pointless pain if you bite them.  This Egremont Russet might look like a snack.  But it’s not ready.  The drumstick (provided for scale) is ready.  You can go to town on that.  DO NOT PICK THE APPLES YET!

Pick your own raspberries.  It is go time.  There are 2 raspberry patches.  Look beneath the leaves.

Get PeAches at the stand.  We have early PA peaches.  Soon we’ll have peaches to pick.  And it won’t be too long til New York has the climate of South Carolina and we can have peaches in January.  Meanwhile, for mid-July peaches, support PA farmers.  They’re people, too, and not so far away.

A slushee for your pain?  Tart cherry and iceeee cold.  The machine is going every day.  They really are refreshing.  We eat them.  Exhibit A:  Amanda on slushee break.

Pick your own garlic.   You can start picking now, but also SAVE THE DATE (Saturday, July 28) for the 2nd Annual Garlic Harvest Party.  See the Facebook event here and invite friends. We need tons of people out here clearing out the patch.

Nosh on blubes.  These are in stock at the stand.  Something to blue-ify your haul of reds and greens.

Sweet cherries.  Cherry season is short.  These are from our buddy Mike up in Sodus.

Greens.  Farmer Emily is bringing beautiful lettuces down from the fields each day.  Support a young farmer.

First squashes!  Emily is stoking the fires of summer with the first squashes of the year.

First cukes!  Again from Farmer Emily.  So fresh and hydrating and cukey smelling.  Put slices on your eyes.  Impossible love means tears.  Your eyes deserve spa day.

Scapes.  Greg’s garlic scapes make exceptional pesto as well as stir fry accoutrements.

Honeys.  Local honey from Gil’s and Five Pads Farm just up the road.  It’s not like that stuff in the squeezy bear.

Donuts every Saturday & Sunday.  Machine running 10:00 to 6:00.  The new machine makes em bigger.   Put a farm sticker on your car and get a free donut or slushee.

What’s behind door number 107?  That’s the Produce Portal.  Your gateway to raspberry patch #2.  And later the Brussels sprouts.  But Lord let’s not think about October crops.  Let’s be HERE NOW.  Hope to see you at The ‘Creek.

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