Pick Your Own Peaches, Raspberries, Garlic; Eat Delicious Sweet Corn, Plums, Apricots; Free Garlic Harvest Party Saturday; First “Salt Apples” of the Year.

LOYAL ‘CREEKNIKS:  Feeling kind of sheepish today.  Baaaah, baaaaaaaaaah.  Sheepish.  Yes, it feels pretty jump-the-gunny to do this. But let’s do it anyway.

We sound the Horn, er, Hen of Plenty!  Listen as Archie plays the official Indian Creek theme song to herald the start of farm season proper.  We probably could have waited another 2 weeks, but things are popping.  Look at whatall’s ready…

Pick your own peaches & raspberries.  There will be something of a bumrush when word reaches peach-crazed locavores, but you are first to know.  I mean, there are THOUSANDS of you.  But you are all first to know.  Not including Facebook fans who knew first-first.  We cannot take reservations for peaches.  You have to come pick them before somebody else.  Raspberry season still plugging along.

Pick your own garlic.  You can pick any day, but we would love to see you Saturday (RAIN DATE WILL BE SUNDAY) at the 2nd Annual Garlic Harvest Party.  See the Facebook event here and invite friends.  We need tons of people out here clearing out the patch.  Free games and fun and classes.

Dusky’s sweet corn is bacccckkkk!  Many people will be happy.  You can get your ears at the stand anytime.  Dusky might do a corn boil this weekend at the Garlic Party which means butters and cheeses and toppings to delight.

Sugar plum sale!  Get a whole peck for $24 which works out to $3/quart – just in time for making jams, pies, and puddings.  Plum season is short, plums are very special, and they were plucked off our trees just yesterday.  Several varieties including Ousi Wase, the sweet Asian sugar plum.  Yum.

If you don’t love fresh apricots, we can’t be friends.  Okay, we can try.  But thing is, they’re objectively good.  You just have to know how to eat them.  Okay, you just eat them.  There’s no tricks.  Try them on a picnic with your love(s).  The person(s) who make you feel safe and lucky and bold but humble.  The friend(s) who would split their last apricot with you.  Toss the pit to a squirrel.  Love of all sentient beings.

Emily’s cukes.  She is bringing beautiful fresh cucumbers down from the field each day.  Refreshing and ideally paired with a block of feta and raw onions and drizzled EVOO.

Emily’s squash.  Taste of summer.  Last night we sliced yellow zucchini into coins, browned them in cast iron, tossed with peppers, dumped into stewing tomato sauce full of garlic, onions, eggplant, and sweet Italian fryers (not friars!).

Eggplant, peppers, tomatoes.  At the farm stand you will find the first eggplant, sweet peppers, and maybe the first few tomatoes.  The ripening of these first Nightshades pushed us to sound the Horn of Plenty, a.k.a., the cornucopia.

Do you ever feel like nobody thinks you are hot or cute or awesome?  (Even hot cute awesome people can suffer from this psychopathology.  It is called, Why Doesn’t Everybody Love Me Itis.)  That’s how these apples feel.  Because basically nobody thinks the Yellow Transparent apple is hot or awesome.  Except Siberians.  They LOVE these apples.  The Yellow Transparent apple is a cold-hardy variety imported in the 1800s from Putinlandia before it was officially called that.  Ripens in July for the short northern season.  To cut the acidity, people in the olden days added salt and called them salt apples.  We call them Old Yellers.  They make a CREAMY apple sauce, first chance of the year.  Good stuff to be thankful for.  We are tired of people not loving these July apples.  You Farmketeers are really starting to bore us with your Honeycrisp addiction.  Okay, fine, we’ll plant another 1,000 honeycrisp trees and hope you still like that fad of an apple in 10 years.  Meanwhile, please come pick these apples.  Pleaseeee.

Love to you all.  Hope to see you at The ‘Creek.

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2 Responses to Pick Your Own Peaches, Raspberries, Garlic; Eat Delicious Sweet Corn, Plums, Apricots; Free Garlic Harvest Party Saturday; First “Salt Apples” of the Year.

  1. sarah says:

    hi, what is the price per pound for you pick peaches? Thanks

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