Happy Berrythday, America. Last Big Weekend of Strawberry U-Pick! Get 40% Off! Special Donut Day on July 4th, First Raspberries to Pick, and New Farm Dog Policy.

DEAR FARMKETEERS:  Nobody called it cross-dressing when the Founding Fathers wore powdered wigs whilst declaring our independence from the powder-wigged oppressors across the pond.  And what did the Founding MOTHERS think of those getups?  Just something to ponder whilst you wander the strawberry patch.  We are open on Independence Day and there’s a big u-pick strawberry special this 4-day weekend through Sunday.  Strawberries will disappear soon after.

Pick a peck for 40% off.  A peck is 8 quarts and a quart is $7.  That would make a peck $56 in England.  But for Farmketeers – here in the U.S.A. – your peck will only be $34!  Thus you will save $22 simply by picking your peck of berries in America.  Works out to about $4.25 a quart.  The volume discount kicks in at a peck, so you’ve got to come ready to pick.  But what to do with 8 quarts?

Make ice popsicles like @4lettersfood(Thanks for these first 2 photos!)  Strawberries, watermelon, lime juice, basil, pinch of salt, sugar to taste, and no water.

Make strawberry shortcake like @dolcedelightithaca!

Find butterflyberries like @mommyteessaThis will be the last big weekend of strawberry picking.  Crop usually fizzles soon after the 4th

Attention Dog People:  For years Indian Creek has been home to a herd of heroic beasts.  They are kind enough to let us live here and cater to their every whim.  They have it pretty good.  They might ramble up to you and bark, but they will not chase you away.  Just ignore them if you are unsure – and please share any concerns.  Example Dog:  Zorro, doing even less than usual.

We love dogs, but we do not encourage visitors to bring dogs to the farm, because there can be crowds of people and vehicles around; not everybody is comfortable with dogs; and, nobody – farmer or visitor – wants to step in waste as they wander the orchards.  If you must bring your dog, please (1) keep your dog on a leash and (2) clean up right away.  Thank you.  You can see that this is not a draconian “NO DOGS EVER” policy.  It leaves room for service dogs and roadtrip companions and perhaps a long-time farm friend who might visit on a not-busy weekday.  However, over the years, word seems to have gotten out that Indian Creek is dog-friendly.  The dog-lover’s grapevine is like the dark web – vast and pervasive and abuzz with chatter.  Dogs were coming from lands near and far.  We started seeing days when it felt like Indian Creek Dog Park.  So we’re asking for your help to keep the farm clean and welcoming to everyone.

Back to our regularly scheduled Crop Alert:  Donuts on July 4th!  America will only turn 243 years old once, so we are celebrating by calling Nick the Donut Kid into work on Thursday.  The first 243 donuts will be served at full price, as will the rest.  (Donuts don’t grow on trees, you know.)  But at least they exist free of British tyranny.  So on this rare Thursday you can get independent (not free, mind you!) toroids of fructotic patriotism from 11:00 to 4:00.  Saturday and Sunday, 11:00 to 5:00 as usual.

Apple cider slushees every day.   These are great in the humidity.  If you like them.  If not, add donuts.  Works great.

Next time you get a Fresh Crop Alert, America will be World Cup Champions again.  Maybe.  We’ll find out Sunday.  Yes, hopefully the women can do what the men have failed to do.  (Do you mean keep their hands to themselves and create a more equitable society?  Well, sure, that’d be great!)  Goooo Team USA!  But win or lose, guess what?  First raspberries are ready to pick!

Love to y’all.  Hope to see you at The ‘Creek.

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