Fruits, Veggies, Flowers!

HELLOOO, FARM FANS — Hope you are having a fruitful summer, and hope you are doing what you gotta do. We’re doing pretty well over here.

You guys have picked most of the low-hanging pears, and we picked the rest for cider. But there is one tree — one! — with pears left to pick. It’s the tree at the crossroads, over the “Tomato, Eggplant, Peppers” sign.

Starting now, you can also pick crisp and delicious Sansa apples in the Dwarf Orchard. Go to Row 7, about 15 trees into the row, where you’ll find sweet Sansas right at eye-level. Ask for directions at the Stand.

You probably won’t need a ladder or apple basket in the Dwarf Orchard — the trees would fit in your living room! It’s going to be a huge autumn in the Dwarf Orchard, with 1600 trees and 60 varieties of apple. Stay tuned for the big announcement, and get your sneak preview by picking Sansas now.

You can also grab a bag of pre-picked apples at the stand. Get a 5-pound sack and take them home.

But don’t take Jasper home, he lives here!

Don’t take the bees home, they live here, too! You can cut your own flowers for 3 bucks a handful. Makes an el cheapo gift for your teacher, mom, friend, or boss. Especially if those are all the same person!

Follow the yellow-petaled road to the tomato, pepper, and eggplant field.

Or buy a box of “field run” tomatoes at the Stand. Those are the tomatoes that come running across the field when we blow the whistle each morning. They jump right into the truck and we pack them up.

How about fresh cucumbers — Gourmet Armenian or Traditional English. What, no Gourmet English? That’s an oxymoron! Ouch! Low blow! Okay, let’s all be friends. The English have tons of gourmet food, like bangers and mash, kippers and kedgeree, and… fish and chips. Yum, yum, and yum!

Cider alert! We’ll have fresh-pressed Orchard Ambrosia on Sunday — and hopefully for the rest of the year!

So come out to the farm this weekend. Pick some food and kick around, but please pardon our construction — something very cool is about to be built!


Tune in next week for the thrilling conclusion to the series that began with Eggplantapalooza and Pepperoo! What will Peppa, Tom, and Eggder decide to do?

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