A Profusion of Pickable Apples, and Particulars on the Pigs Party.

THE VEGETABLES ARE PANICKING.  They know it is time for the apples to shine, and they don’t want to be left on the vine.


So, they’ve been photobombing.  Just to say, “We’re still here.”  You can’t get an apple picture without a pepper intruding these days.


Tried to snap a portrait of these Autumn Gala, but a sweet Italian fryer nosed in.  Kind of cute, but RUDE!


Have you tried Sir Prize?  That is the official name of this golden beauty.  Please pardon the garlics; they’ve never had social skills.


Jonagold is a New York original, a cross between mellow Golden Delicious and tart Jonathan.  The pepper is acting kind of desperate, really.

05-P1190398Snowsweet has firm white flesh like a Cortland and doesn’t brown quickly—perfect for fruit salads.  (Yes, there are fall raspberries to pick, too.)


But leave it to St. Edmund the Russet—patron saint of apple lobbyists—to retaliate on the eggplant.  “‘Tis Apple season!” he cried.  “Viva la manzanaaaa!”


Truly, folks, we have a jillion apples to pick.  Please help us harvest Empire, Fuji, Macoun, Cortland, McIntosh, Jonagold, Snowsweet, and more.


Go forth and make pies, sauces, smoothies, and snacks.  This is LAST CALL, in fact, for the pie contest at Pigs-n-Apples:  Bring your pie before 2:30 on Saturday!

Farm Buzz

{ Party Prep. }


Nothing says autumn like a Pigs-n-Apples Party (Facebook).  Please join us RAIN OR SHINE!  Here’s how it will work…


Activities will run from noon til about 3.  That will allow families to get home for dinner and whatever.  But we’ll eat, drink, and be merry til whenever.


It is a whatever-whenever kind of party.  Official games will wrap at 3 o’clock.  The rest of the day will simply bumble along.


We’re prepping the basics.  Expect us to be medium-organized.  Your job is to relax.  Bring your banjo if you aren’t super terrible.


Remember, we’re farmers, not party planners.  And you’re not the type to go all suburby and nutso like, Why the frick is corn javelin running LATE?!


“Corn.  Javelin.  Same sentence.”  One of our Facebook fans wrote that.  Isn’t that the spirit?  The party is just time to hang around together.photo(10)And time to decide—will you root for PIGS or APPLES in the tug-of-war?  A chance to teach your children to do the right thing.  See you at The ‘Creek.

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