Cider Sale, Honeycrisp Sale, Mini-Pies, and Apple Butter.

PLAINSPEAK this week—the picking is copacetic and the stand is cornucopic.  So we’re skipping the usual nonsense like marrying berries and newscasting vegetables.  Just the dope is reported below.


The turn of October means two big sales—cider and Honeycrisp—and two new desserts that you can get at the stand.  Come beat the weekend crush.


We’ve pressed gobs of Orchard Ambrosia.  Get a gallon for only $5 til Friday sunset.  That’s 37.5% off the cover price!


Honeycrisp apples are now only $1.99 a pound, prepicked!  No picking to do, just grab and go while supplies last.


The u-pick sale on Macs and Cortlands continues this week—and now includes Red Delicious (blue-ribboned trees) and Northern Spy (red ribbons).


Of course we are oozing with pumpkins.  Here is one of three carving contest winners, “Zombie Squash,” by a young partygoer.


It is still early fall, but early won’t last long.  Summer veggies will be shriveling like the Gorton’s Fisherhat.  Pick them and “put up” now.

New Farm Treats

{ To Eat and To Wear. }


Our hot-jarred Apple Butter, brewed in giant copper kettles over open fires at the Pigs-n-Apples Party, is nondairy applicious joy.


Our pals at Underwood Bakery made 175 mini-pies for the Party.  Got gobbled in hours!  So they will bake some for the farm stand every day.


These limited edition treats (the shirts, not Piggery people!) are available in 7 sizes.  Get your official 2013 party shirt at the stand for only 10 bucks.

Farm Buzz

{ Party Report. }


One thousand four hundred (1,400) people came to the party, give or take a few rugrats who slipped under the turnstiles.


We were semi-organized and everyone was cool about it.  Sheriff gave us advice about the parking, but kids broke the speed limit in Gimme! Coffee sacks.


Some youngsters got old-school messy.  Painted pumpkins prettier than store-bought dolls.  Fired slingshots and corn javelins.


The grownups mixed it up, too.  Pig farmers were vanquished, once again, in tug-of-war.  If you go to The Piggery, tell them there’s always next year.


The home team took home another prize when our own Lewis Billy (left) took down the Piggery’s Goliath in the heavyweight title bout.


But the biggest lesson of the day was that big things come in small packages.  This little treasure hunter found the Golden Apple!


A lovely mountain soundtrack rang through the orchards, courtesy of The Wide Awake String Band (Rosie Newton, fiddler) and The Andersons.


Time to thank you all for coming, and special thanks to our collaborators at The Piggery and Eve’s Cidery.  Good people and good products.


Only 4 out of 1,400 people left items behind.  These will be placed in the lost-and-found at the stand Thursday. Hope to see you at The ‘Creek.

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2 Responses to Cider Sale, Honeycrisp Sale, Mini-Pies, and Apple Butter.

  1. Phyllis Rappaport says:

    Absolutely love your weekly email.
    It always makes me smile…and stop at the stand to shop.

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