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“Happle Holidays” to the Stars in Our Sky and the Peaches in Our Pie; All Donuts Have Flown South; 5,628 Trees Picked Clean; Get Free Cider Shipping and One Free Invention.

DEAR FARMKETEERS:  Look at the night sky.  You might see 10 or 100 or 1,000 stars – but there are one billion trillion stars in the universe.  Some simply shine brighter.  And you, Farm Fans, well… you are the stars … Continue reading

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Final Apple Harvest Sale – Just 99¢ a Pound for All Lovely Apples on the Farm; Get 2-for-1 Stalks ($5) in Our “Sprussels” Spree; New Hours Til 6:00 PM Daily; Is This the Last Weekend of Donuts?

DEAREST FARMKETEERS:  To call our twofer sale on Brussel Sprouts a “spree” is surely hyperbole of Fox Newsian or Washington Postian proportions (your choice).  Truth is, we will likely see around 12 customers this weekend.  The sky has gone dim … Continue reading

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HAPPLE HALLOWEEN! Last Chance Apple Sale Only 99¢/lb for All U-Pick and We-Pick Apples; Help Us Finish a Beautiful Harvest; 2-for-1 Brussel Sprouts; Free Quirk Dropoff & Storage; Donuts & Cider.

DEAR FARMKETEERS:  The super-secret farm plan was to send you a special Fresh Crop Alert this past Monday morning, wherein we would trumpet our First Annual Big Ol’ Pumpkin Clearance Sale, such that no pumpkin would be left behind come … Continue reading

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One Week Til ‘Ween Means Last Burst of Pumpkin & Apple Picking; Get Jugs of Sweet Old-Time Cider; Fresh Weekend Donuts; Pick Your Own Br’zzouts; Free Playground & Pagan Party Palace.

DEAR FARMKETEERS:  Want to hear a truly great brand name?  Fruit of the Loom.  Just think:  Fruit… of the… LOOM.  It’s marvelous.  And that darling sketch of apples nestled in a bed of grapes sewn into the waistband of your … Continue reading

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This Weekend’s Made-to-Order Weather for Your Farm-to-Table Adventure; Pick Your Own Apples, Pumpkins, and Brazzle Sprozzles; Sweet Cider & Donuts; Seed Garlic for Your Garden; High Harvest for U-Pick Heirloom Apples!

DEAR FARMKETEERS:  Which one of these words does not belong?  Shilly-shally, dilly-dally, helter-skelter, hoity-toity, higgledy-piggledy, pell-mell, pall-mall, zig-zag, wing-ding, ding-dong, mish-mash, argle-bargle, itsy-bitsy, easy-peasy, hanky-panky, okey-dokey, namby-pamby, bric-a-brac, flim-flam, handy-dandy, heebie-jeebies, hokey-pokey, hurdy-gurdy, loosey-goosey, twiddle-twaddle, willy-nilly, yadda-yadda.  Do you know … Continue reading

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Diamonds Are Forever, but Donuts Are for NOW; Come Pick Your Own Apples & Pumpkins & Brouts; Drink Sweet Cider & Hot Mulled Cider; Open Monday Holiday & Every Day; Moonshine Sale Ends Sunday.

DEAR FARMKETEERS:  Little Bobby will become Bummed Out Bobby if you wait til the final week before Halloween to come pick your dream pumpkins. Just a heads-up.  You don’t want to have to tell Little Bobby that her jack-o-lantern is … Continue reading

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Top 11 Reasons to Hit “The Creek” This Week; Pick Apples & Pumpkins & Sprussel Brouts; Fresh Donuts & Hot Mulled Cider; Cut Your Own Sunflowers in the Maze; Huge Bulk Cider Sale; Got Honeycrisp?

DEAR FARMKETEERS:  Breaking news – The president’s personal lawyer has just hired a former Watergate prosecutor to be his personal lawyer.  Isn’t THAT a love triangle for the ages?  Who knew democracy could be so cozy?  So tidy and sweet? … Continue reading

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Pick 15 Kinds of Autumn Apples, Knock Back Fresh Donuts with a Cider Chaser, Cut Sunflowers in the Maze, and – New This Week! – Control the Universe with Ginger, Radishes, and Brussels Sprouts!

DEAR FARMKETEERS:  The days are getting shorter, but do not fear!  Your to-do list is shrinking even faster. Yes, intrepid locavores!  You have already picked ALL the strawberries, raspberries, peaches, pears, plums, nectarines, apricots, and garlic that we could grow … Continue reading

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How to Make a Love Apple; Orchard Season Hits Stride with Honeycrisp, Gala, Mac, Cortland; Urgent Weekday Sale – Pick Vintage Apples for Less Than $0.99/lb; Weekend Donuts and (New!) Radical Radishes.

DEAR FARMKETEER:  You could continue to be an average lover.  Yes, like millions before you, you could send roses to your sweetheart every Hallmark holiday.  You could leave a trail of chocolate bon-bons from the bedside to the breakfast nook, … Continue reading

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Double Your Pleasure – Pick the Final Rows of Peach Season AND a Bangin’ Croppa Honeycrisp Apples! Also Pick Gala, McIntosh, Jonamac; Secret Tomato Deal; Secret Cidery Dinner; Fresh Weekend Donuts.

ESTEEMED FARMKETEERS:  Have you ever said this to yourself?  “Wow, I’m amazing.”  If you have said it, three cheers for you.  You probably really are amazing.  If you have not said it, don’t worry.  Let us help.  It’s pretty easy. … Continue reading

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