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Lovebirds in a Heatwave! First American Farm to Harvest Giant Pink Circles for Everyone; Pick Strawberries & Raspberries; Garlic Party; Goodbye Plastic Bags – Try a New Farm Tote or BYOB.

IT’S TRUE, DEAR FARMKETEERS:  Even a broken clock is right twice a day.  Yes, as the world turns, even we dimwits and dullards can look like prodigies and professors for a brief flash… before we fumble back to normal.  The … Continue reading

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Time to Reach for the Raspberries; We Accept Women, Infant, Children and Senior Farm Coupons; 40% Off Last Wave Strawberry Picking; and, the Shocking Truth About Where the Strawberries Go.

DEAREST FARMKETEERS:  The burden of the firstborn is not inconsiderable.  Everybody knows it’s hard to be the trailblazer… groundbreaker… trendsetter.  But do we always remember that the first in line is also the first mistake maker and first failer?  Do … Continue reading

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Happy Berrythday, America. Last Big Weekend of Strawberry U-Pick! Get 40% Off! Special Donut Day on July 4th, First Raspberries to Pick, and New Farm Dog Policy.

DEAR FARMKETEERS:  Nobody called it cross-dressing when the Founding Fathers wore powdered wigs whilst declaring our independence from the powder-wigged oppressors across the pond.  And what did the Founding MOTHERS think of those getups?  Just something to ponder whilst you … Continue reading

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Shape of the Multiverse Revealed! Get 33% Off U-Pick Strawberries; New Cider Slushees FREE When You Bike to the Farm! Apple Cider Every Day, Donuts on Weekends.

DEAR FARMKETEERS:  We humans are sure of ourselves, are we not?  We swore the earth was flat until we found out it was round.  Even after that, we thought spacetime itself was flat, until we proved that it was curved.  … Continue reading

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Save 33% on Strawberries When You Pick Your Own Peck; Come Soon, Season Lasts a Short Couple Weeks; Cider & Donuts Ready.

FARM FANS:  We have about 2 weeks to Make America Strawberry Again.  No, it’s not because the Orange One will raise his pumpkinny pennant over the Very White House on July 4 and declare victory over democracy – that quaint … Continue reading

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Mox Nox in Rem: First Strawberry Picking Now; First Donuts Too; Last Goodbyes to Professor Dave, Bona Fide ‘Creeknikus Maximus.

BELOVED FARMKETEERS:  Aloha from Strawberristan!  Where daiquiris flow like smoothies at a Malibu day spa the morning after Oscar night.  Where they flow, indeed, like Ithaca rain on opening weekend of farm season. Which is now.  Yes, the farm is … Continue reading

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Farmketeers Win; Small News but Big Feels.

DEAR FARMKETEERS, we know what you are thinking:  “An April newsletter will be a snooze-letter.” After all, there are no fresh crops to be trumpeted.  No piping hot donuts rrrrrolling off the Donut Robot.  Not a single jolly ‘Creeknik to … Continue reading

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